Bonginkosi Ngwenya


The mission of the Stewardship Department is to emphasize the Lordship of Jesus Christ, to enhance the integration of the gospel into the Christian lifestyle, to encourage faithful stewardship, and to facilitate the individual, corporate and leadership dimensions of stewardship as partnership with God.VISION
The Vision of the SAU Stewardship Department is to encourage God’s people to live a life of faithfulness to God.
  1. Encourage pastors to assist parishioners in laying a foundation for believing in and practicing Biblical Stewardship
  2. Keeping before the members a growing and consistent vision of Biblical Stewardship.
  3. Help Church leaders lead their members in a more integrated Christian walk.
  4. Structure for success: to increase the number of believers returning a faithful tithe
  5. To grow member faithfulness.
  6. To have worship centers that will bring glory to God.
The SAU Stewardship Director works closely with Conferences in providing stewardship training and resource materials to church leaders.
Stewardship is: ‘all of me to all of God’