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Adventist Evangelism is purpose-driven. Our evangelism goes beyond church growth. We are not after Mega Churches or the mere multiplication of congregations.

We prepare people for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Our order of sermons is rooted in the Three Angel’s message of Revelation 14. One of the God ordained methods of spreading this gospel is through the printed page, Publishing.  The History and role of Publishing is rooted in the Word of God itself as seen in the historic event of Mount Sinai.

The First Message
The Love of God
The first Writer
God Himself
The first printing material
Tablets of stone
The first printing press
The finger of God
The first book
Testimony of God’s Love (Law)
The first messenger (Literature Evangelist)
The first customer
Backsliding Israelites




At Mount Sinai we see the first Publishing Program. The spoken word and the written word must work together. The Living preacher and the silent messenger must work as partners in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Press is a powerful instrumentality which God has ordained to be combined with the energies of the living preacher to bring the truth before all nations, kindred’s, tongues, and peoples.” (Life Sketches P.217).

Publishing is not the only method of Evangelism but it’s one the most effective. We do well to embrace it and employ it in soul winning. From the vision of Ellen G. White of November 1848, at Dorchester Massachusetts, the Church has embraced Publishing as one of the timeless methods of spreading the gospel. The results are telling. In addition to the work of fulltime Literature Evangelists (frontline soldiers), the Church has embarked on the Missionary Book of the Year program which requires members to share the book with all who are willing to receive. Indeed the Sower went to sow and the Sower still sows. It is not his job to know where the seed falls but it MUST leave his/her hand. The growth is not in the hand but in the soil. In the year 2012, the SAU has set a target to distribute 1 million (1 000 000) copies of the Great Controversy (abridged version of 11 chapters). Let’s go and sow in the morning, the noon and the evening tide and then we shall come rejoicing bringing in the sheaves.