Youth & Campus Ministries


Mandla Lupondwana
Chaplaincy Ministries is all about doing good for and on behalf of others. I could not put it better than Paul in Hebrews 13:16, And do not neglect doing good and sharing; for with such sacrifices God is pleased.
Chaplaincy Ministries encompasses a whole lot of entities. These are Campus Chaplaincy, Correctional Chaplaincy, Health Care Chaplaincy and Military Chaplaincy. It behooves me to give a brief description of each entity. This brief article will spend a little more time on Campus ministry as this is our main focus area at the moment and we hope to establish other entities as the SID and the GC assist us to build more capacity in those areas.Correctional Chaplaincy
Adventist Chaplains should take the message of hope to inmates who live in dire circumstances in prisons and detention facilities. At the moment the SAU Personal Ministries handles this ministry.Health Care Chaplains
Our healthcare chaplains work with patients and their families and staff in communities to give them hope by pointing them to Jesus. The SAU Health Ministries oversees this segment.Military Chaplaincy
This is a support system for all Adventists who serve in the military. Our union is yet to grow in this realm. In the past months my office was asked to write letters to the South African Defense and Air Force respectively, to solicit the authorities to grant our members Sabbath privileges. We are elated to say God worked on our behalf but a lot still needs to be done.Campus Chaplaincy
Adventist chaplains should assist Adventist and non Adventist youth studying in secular institutions of higher learning to integrate their academic work with a commitment to love and serve Jesus Christ.


SDASM is still a new baby but the concept of Campus Ministry is very old. In our union we have thus far established more than 35 student fellowship groups in secular institutions. We have a constitution that defines who we are and outlines our objectives and other pertinent aspects of SDASM. Our SDASM structures in all the institutions are affiliated to their SRC bodies. This helps the groups to enjoy recognition by the student body at large and the management of respective institutions.
At the moment the SDASM operational structure is:


  1. The SAU Chaplaincy director
  2. The Conference Chaplaincy director
  3. The Pastor
  4. The Church Campus Ministry Chaplain
  5. The Student Chairperson and the fellowship group


We try our best to follow the chain of command as we serve our students. In some instances due to peculiar situations, protocol has been breached. We wish to say to all the stake holders of SDASM this was not intended and wish to emphasize that we are engaging in continuous education with our students, Pastors and Conferences to make sure that we deliver meaningful service to our students.